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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Lens

Thomas felt like kicking himself for his stupidity. A strange witch had given him an odd device that looked like a small lens. She told him he use it to become anyone he viewed through it. Thinking it was a bit of a joke while still satisfying his curiosity, he looked though the lens at a woman. In an instant, he felt strange and he realized he now had the woman’s bob haircut brushing his shoulders. He pants shortened and he now wore her jean shorts. In fact, he had become a complete copy of this woman as she walked away without noticing that Thomas was now her double. He enjoyed spending some time on the other side of the gender fence for a few hours, but he soon wanted to get back to normal. There was only one problem: How would he be able to look at himself through the lens, especially with his transformed body? He tried photographs to no avail, and it wasn’t long before he attempted something drastic, sculpting an image of his own head. He had always been quite artistic, so he knew he could do it. But would it work with the lens?

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