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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Little Rude

Ed had been shopping at the farmer’s market when he accidentally insulted an old woman selling items by calling it ‘crap.’ Ever since that moment, he had felt a little strange. He thought it was guilt at first. After all, she seemed sweet enough, and he had been rather harsh. He decided to go back and apologize, but when he spoke to her, she acted like Ed wasn’t even there.

Then he heard a male voice, “Honey, are you okay?” It asked.

It spoke again, “Honey? You’re starting to worry me.”

It took Ed a few more minutes before realizing the voice was addressing him. He turned to see an Asian man very close to him. Ed didn’t say a word; he didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t figure out who this guy was. He turned back to the woman to find that she had vanished. The man continued his line of concerned questioning.

Then Ed looked down. He realized he was now wearing a dress under a puffy coat. He could feel his hair was long now and tied back in two neat buns. There was a disturbing, unfamiliar weight on his chest and a lacking void between his legs. He realized he was a woman and the man asking questions must be his husband...and somehow he knew this was all the old woman’s doing just because he was a little rude to her.

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