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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


When she saw Eric, Amber immediately rolled her eyes. Their bodies had only been swapped for a little while, but she was already frustrated about how he was treating her body.

“You couldn’t even be bothered to pick two boots that matched when you left the house?” She lectured him.

“Hey!” Eric protested, “You have an entire CLOSET filled with shoes! I was lucky enough to find one that fit the right foot and one that fit the left foot. How do you keep track of all those shoes?”

“It’s called being a woman. And you’re going to have to start doing a LOT better at it.”

“Hey, I’m trying! I really am! Look, they’re selling shoes here and I’m actually trying to buy one that matches. It seemed like a good idea.”

“You’re just making me look like an idiot...” Amber grumbled.

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