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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Case

The contents of the case were of the utmost importance, and Sergio’s orders as an undercover agent were explicit. He knew he was just one link in the chain to deliver the case to it’s ultimate destination, and as he sat on the plane looking at the small device in his hand, he knew the sacrifices he was going to make to deliver it. When the plane landed and he departed the aircraft, he left the case behind under the seat. He shook the hand of one of the flight attendants, making sure the device was concealed on his hand during the shake. He ran from the secure area as fast as he could before the device activated. Suddenly, he was back on the plane. He had swapped bodies with the flight attendant as they were cleaning the plane. He secured the case and told the rest of the crew that he was bringing it to lost and found. At first, he was regretting having to swap with a female flight attendant. He felt the heels were slowing him down and the weight on his chest was distracting. However, after handing off the case to another agent swapped with a flight attendant, Sergio took a moment to appreciate his new body. He knew he didn’t have much time to linger; he’d be swapping back to his own body any minute. He had been on what seemed like countless missions that involved a brief body swap, but this was the first time he had actually swapped with a woman. If only there was a way to prevent the swap back. He looked down at his hand. Maybe there was? If he was able to remove the microscopic device quickly enough, maybe it wouldn’t trigger the swap back, but how to find it in time?

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