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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dorky (Part 1)

TG Caption
Amanda had always been embarrassed by her dorky brother, Ed. She hoped that as he got older, he’d become more normal, but he never did. She couldn’t understand how a man in his 20s got excited about dressing up in costumes. He would tell her it was only for something called “ComicCon,” and he acted like it was the most important event of the year. She just didn’t get it.

Amanda always had hope she could change him, and one year she got desperate. She borrowed a device from her father that was capable of switching bodies. She hoped that if she showed Ed how his body could dress cool, could look cool, and could be cool, it might influence him. What she hadn’t banked on was initiating her plan the night before ComicCon.

Ed was shocked to be in Amanda’s body, but he wasn’t about to let that spoil his fun. In fact, he realized his sister’d body opened up all sorts of new costumes he could wear. When the two met up, Amanda was shocked at how dorky her body was dressed up!

Her plan had backfired. Instead of people seeing Ed look cool, they’d see her dressed up as a dork! She knew no one she knew would ever be at something as lame as ComicCon, but who knows how many had already seen Ed dress her body up like that!

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  1. Well, at least he's dressing her like a *hot* dork... ^_^