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Friday, December 7, 2012


TG Caption Body Swap Upload Download
When Jared and Aaron entered the room, there were already two women sitting across from them with helmets on their head. The two men proceeded to place similar helmets on their own heads with a sense of giddy anticipation for what was about to happen. There was a quick jolt, and the men watched as the women’s facial expressions turned blank. It was the first step. The women’s memories and personality were being removed from their brains. The men knew they would soon follow. In fact, it wasn’t long before they felt another jolt and had their own memories and personalities sucked away. All four had the consciousness in the central computer for a few moments before downloading commenced. Jared was downloaded into the body of the woman on the right; Aaron was placed inside the woman on the left. The two women were now in the matching respective man. It had taken a good amount of time to upload and transfer an entire self from one body to another, but the procedure had been a success!


  1. I love this concept!

    I quite like the idea of a little mix up, perhaps one of them ends up with the personality of the girls? - Can't help but feel compelled to act like her!