Saturday, December 5, 2009


The longer Ethan spent in his sister's body, the more concerned he got about his actions and mannerisms. Just two days ago, when an accident resulted in the bodyswap, he had worn her old sneakers and jeans. Now he was squealing about how cute he looked in her pink dress and heels. He was reading "Hairdo" magazine and crossing his legs in a feminine manner. If he didn't figure out a way to swap back with her soon, he was worried what else he could pick up from her body...

Bodyswapping orb (Part 6)

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Mike couldn't believe Kyle wouldn't come back up to the bodyswapping orb with him. It was like he was happy being a woman or something! Sure, every single time that they've used the orb so far they've ended up in the bodies of women, but this time would be different! In fact, he was sure that he'd go back to being himself if he just went up there this one last time! He was sick of having boobs; he was sick of wearing heels and skirts. How could Kyle give up on trying to get back to his own body so easily. They've only tried--what now--a dozen times?

Magic mistake taxi

Martin couldn't believe how foolish he was. He could've used the curse of the magic taxi to become anyone. He had been stuck in that cabbie's body for a week, waiting for a rich, successful man to set foot inside. However, he ended up flubbing up and wound up in the body of a young woman. He waiting on the curb for hours hoping she would swing by again, so that he could have a second chance. He finally gave up and found out that his new body wasn't a complete wash. This woman was the daughter of one of the richest men in town. He was not a success, per se, but his new "daddy" was; that might just be good enough for Martin.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Olympic future

Stephen had to admit that his country was really playing dirty at the Olympics this year. As an undercover agent, he had been assigned to use state of the art technology to swap bodies with one of the young gymnists from a competing country and throw the event. However, when he got to the floor, it was like his body was on autopilot. The other country wasn't taking any chances, utilizing equally advanced technologies to control their athletes by remote control.

Back in the ring

It had to have been at least 40 years since Vince felt heathy enough to run around--let alone box! His former boxing career had ended suddently after a leg injury from which he never fully healed. However, a strange white light gave him a burst of energy. He hadn't realized that the white light had also given him a whole new body, and while he was eager to jump right back into the ring, he'd have a hard time competing in his new female body...

The program (Part 2)

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Morty watched as the eyes of the blond woman in the black dress glossed over. He knew what was happening; it had happened to him just a few days prior. As the soul of Gus Jenkins finished taking control of the woman's body, the glossed over look morphed into a smile, "Thank you so much! It feels so nice to be a hot woman instead of a overweight, bald 50-year-old man!"

Morty explained what Gus now had to do. Just like he had been doing. Find 12 middle aged men and 12 sexy women ans simply convince them to sign a contract to switch bodies--much like the one Morty convinced Gus to sign. Gus was actually Morty's 12th signing, and as a reward he'd get to keep his sexy body forever! Both had something to smile about! But now Gus had a lot of work ahead of him!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Kevin and Daniel were warned to not touch anything in the museum, but the two boys just couldn't keep their hands off the art. Karma took an interesting turn when the boys passed by one statue. Fondling the statues exposed breast initially, they were almost immediately transformed into two gorgeous women. Kevin freaked out, and tried grabbing everywhere on the statue to try and transform back to normal. However, Daniel didn't exactly think of the situation as much of a punishment, but he didn't want to let his friend know that being a woman was actually something he dreamed of almost every night.

Pass time

Neil couldn't believe his girlfriend talked him into going to a party right after they had swapped bodies with the Medallion of Zulu to "pass time" until they could swap back again. At first it wasn't so bad, she mingled while he sat in a corner, but as more people showed up, they began to talk to Neil or smoke around him, or even HIT on him! He did his best to hide and stay out of the way, but he really couldn't wait to get back to his own body--too bad he'd end up forgetting his girlfriend's purse (where they had kept the Medallion) at the party because Neil simply wasn't used to having to remember it--when they went back to look for it, it was gone!

Bicycle, bicycle

Zak's family was so poor that for Christmas instead of buying him a new bike, he got a hand-me-down from his sister. He had hated riding a girl's bike around, but he guessed it was better than no bike at all. He was miles from home when the Great Shift happened, and his girl's bike situation was he not only had a girl's bike, he was also a girl! A woman to be exact! The 12-year-old boy was very got on the bike and made his way home. Sitting on the seat without the usual best friend between his legs. The whole thing was way too weird...

Feed troubles

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Seeing the white light approach, three men standing on the side of the road were surprised when everyone simply collapsed from it. The three men would soon learn how lucky they were to not fall victim to the Great Shift. A young man named Chuck Pratt was the first to regain consciousness. He was certainly shocked to find himself in the body of a pretty young girl with a ponytail and wearing black leggings. He first tried to get the three men on the roadside to believe him, but they thought he was quite crazy. However, as one by one, the other swapped people claimed to be someone else as well, eventually everyone was just in disbelief.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"Give me back my body!" Jonah and Marilyn screamed at each other in unison before each accused the other of downright stealing their body. The caused quite the scene among their friends around them. They would've thought either one of them would've gone crazy if not for the other backing their stories up. Even if they hadn't swapped bodies, whoever was Marilyn truly believed to be Jonah, knew everything about Jonah's life, and acted like him too! Same with Jonah's body being Marilyn. But how did this happen?


Logan was at the tech show and examined what he thought was a virtual reality helmet. The inventor asked if he wanted to try it, and Logan quickly agreed. The next thing he knew, it felt like he had a whole new body--that of a sexy asian woman. Next to him was a man begging to be whipped. It felt weird doing this in the middle of the convention floor, and it eventually gathered a crowd. Security eventually asked Logan to leave. Freaking out, he tried to turn off the VR, but found that he couldn't. As he was being escorted out, he spied the inventor's table, and a person was shaking the inventor's hand....a person that looked just like Logan! That guy hadn't invented a VR device--it was a bodyswapping device! That whole whipping incident actually happened! And, now, he was actually this sexy asian woman!

Body building

The Great Shift was a bit of a blow to Robert's ego. He had been a large body-builder before, a hulking giant of a man. Now he had changed into a skinny 90-pound asian woman. He felt humiliated at first, but it wouldn't affect his resolve. The next day he hit the gym for a full 8 hour day, trying to tone up. He continued this for months on end. While he knew he could never have the mass he once had, he knew that he could tone this body to it's fullest potential.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Kelly was excited about moving off campus Junior year, and found the perfect house but needed to find two roommates. The first was her best friend Jim, a party animal like herself, and the other responded to her flyer, a shy girl majoring in neuroscience named Becky. By the time Jim and Kelly were ready to host their first party, Becky had build a strange machine in the basement. After a few drinks, the two party-loving roommateswent downstairs and started to fool around with the invention. Sparks went flying, and soon enough Jim and Kelly found themselves in each other's bodies. Jim started to scuttle back upstairs, and Kelly demanded he come down to swap back.
"No way," Jim responded, "I'm going to have some fun! Come on! Look at your sexy legs! I'm so glad to try them out for a while..."

Two Face

Arkham Asylum spared no expense to help Harvey Dent (aka Two Face). One doctor theorized that curing Dent's disfigurement would also heal his psyche, but his face was simply too damaged for traditional treatment. A radical option was propsed and Dent's brain was put into a brain-dead body, that body just happened to belong to a young woman. But this procedure merely twisted him more. It wasn't long before he escaped, disfigured himself, and returned to a life of crime.

Figuring out a way back

When Antonio looked down and saw a frilly dress, he knew something was wrong. A strand of long brown hair fell down in front of his face and onto two perky breats--even worse! He recognized the hair and dress though--it had to be his friend Shelly. He was about to go look for her when his own body came up to him and started to speak, "Antonio, I'm guessing that's you in least I hope it is! It's me Shelly. I think we've somehow...we've somehow swapped bodies! We need to figure out how to switch back. Being you is really weird!" Antonio didn't like Shelly being him any better. She was moving his body in such an feminine manner. He hoped no one was watching them; they'd think he was gay!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of body experience (Part 2)

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Deborah approached her old body, and sort of horrified at the words she heard coming from her mouth.

"What the fuck's goin' on here?"

"I think we," Deborah paused shocked by the sound of her own now deep voice, which now came from the body of a large black man as a result of the Great Shift, "I think we switched bodies. You have my body!"

"Switch bods? Hells, no! I may have a fuckin' pussy now, but I was never no fat ass like you!"

Deborah groaned. Apparently this wasn't a simple one for one bodyswap. Everyone was all messed up.

Musical bodies

The four friends had just participated in an odd bodyswapping experiment. For the next few hours they would each be in each other's bodies. (From left to right) Steven in Katy's body was extremely happy about the swap, but she didn't want to let anyone know, because he was planning on going M.I.A. and keeping Katy's body. He didn't want to tip anyone off on his plan. Meanwhile, Katy was inside Kevin's body and also pretty happy about the swap. She was looking forward to the next few hours. Next, Kevin was very unhappy about being inside Yumi's body. He felt so uncomfortable; he'd soon learn that Yumi was on her period. Yumi in Steven's body was just sort of indifferent. When Steven didn't show up for the switch back, Katy refused to switch into anyone else's body but her own...resulting in a sort of gridlock for the other two bodyswapped friends.


"Is that text from our girlfriends?" Joe asked, "They were supposed to meet us here two hours ago. I know we agreed to swap bodies with them for the weekend, but they said to meet up to switch back at's dark now! Do they say where they are?"

"It's from them," Dave replied timidly, "But it doesn't say where they are. All it says is 'Have fun with your new lives. LOL.'"

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Front page

Brad was watching the celebrities walk down the red carpet on a televised awards' ceremony. He began to masturbate while watching the female actors walk down in their fancy gowns. Then something unexpected happened, he found himself standing on the red carpet wearing a fancy dress in high heels. A mysterious force swapped his body with one of the female celebrities, and he was still horny. The lude acts made the front page of half the papers across America.


Oliver was on a crowded street when the Great Shift occurred, so he and the rest of the crowd all surmised pretty quickly that everyone had switched bodies. Oliver could tell he was a woman now, but it wasn't until he was able to sneak away and see his reflection in a window that he realized exactly how HOT his new body was.

Jersey housewife

"What the hell?" Max asked, "How the hell do I have the body of some broad?"

Max couldn't believe the effects of the Great Shift, turning him from a New York plumber into a Jersey housewife...