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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Nelson had developed a bodyswapping machine that he and his wife Angela, a school teacher at the local elementary school, had tested on many occasions, but he was curious about what would happen if they were to try the machine with more than two people inside. Not wanting to make the invention publically known, he and his wife hired a prostitute for the experiment. They asked if she should keep quiet, and she responded that she would...for the right price. It wasn't long before they had an agreement, and Nelson, his wife, and the hooker entered the machine and turned it on. The usual smoke and lights flared up and the three passed out, once again, just like usual. What wasn't normal was when Nelson regained his consciousness. He could feel that he was in a woman's body, which was to be expected, but which one? He looked around to try and figure it out, but no one else seemed to be around. As opposed to swapping their bodies, the machine must have merged the three people! Nelson scrambled to a mirror. He looked like a sexed up version of his wife. He had her pretty face, but with the enhanced bustline and curves of the prostitute. He still needed his wife's glasses to see, and he had his own mind...or so he thought. He was hoping he could use the machine again to extract all three of them again, but his brain started to wander. At first, he thought about some tests that needed grading, but then he realized it wasn't long before he started fantisizing about giving blowjobs and sex. Concentrating proved to be quite difficult. He decided to take a break with one of his wife's favorite! He just didn't expect to be drawn to the clothes he bought...a PVC outfir from a local sex shop! Though he couldn't help but feel sexy in his new clothes, he knew that he had to use the machine to get things back to normal fast!


  1. Really like these merge caps. Hope you do some more! Great work :)

  2. I agree, merge caps are great! :) Thanks. Hope to see more, as well as more body part swapping caps, please! :) -Liz

  3. Great cap! Love the conflicting minds!

  4. I would like to see this story continued. Can he demerge the three of them, or is he stuck like this? What life would he live, his wife's or the prostitutes. He can't live his. If he takes his wife's life what happens when the prostitute's mind comes in control. Does he give the principle a blow job? Imagine if he came back in control will he was in the middle of the job. This could come a great series. What about if the two girls minds where in control and hired a male prostitute and the man comes back in control when he is ramming away at him.

  5. What happened to the pictures?

    1. Sorry, some of the older pics are just broken! :(