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Monday, June 28, 2010

Urban legend (Part 1)

Louie had heard urban legends about a strange magical elevator in the building where he worked, but he hadn't payed much attention to the stories. He had been working there for three years and hadn't encountered anything even remotely strange, that is until one day when he worked late. The main elevators had been locked, so he made his way to a set in the back where only one even appeared to be working. Nothing about it seemed out of the ordinary until it started dropping floors. With each floor, his body shifted and morphed into a new form. First, he was turned into a rather obese man. It dropped another floor and he became a withered old woman. Next, he became a baby. By the time he hit the second floor, he was turned into a rather attractive young woman. Fearing that the final floor drop might stick him in a worse body, he slammed the number "2" button, the doors opened, and he got out to take the stairs. He wouldn't have asked for this body, but he definitely knew that it was the best of the bodies he had been shuffled around in.

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