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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Carlos had worked for Miss Scarlett for over twenty years. He was her loyal servant; she had paid him well and even sponsored him for American citizenship. It fact, it had only been two weeks prior to the Great Shift when Carlos became a full-fledged citizen. However, that damned Shift changed everything. The poor immigrant was shocked to find himself in the wealthy heiress's body wearing a sexy red dress that she was about to attend a charity event in. Meanwhile, Miss Scarlet was equally surprised to be in Carlos's body. They tuned in to the news to hear reports about the shift, but Miss Scarlet was worried about how her company's stocks would react to her being body-swapped. She insisted that Carlos and her pretend to be each other for the good of the company's stability at this otherwise chaotic time. What choice did Carlos have? He quickly agreed.

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  1. good use of pic & very good story. I wonder if thye get away with it?