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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back in time

Ed had invented a machine that would allow him to travel back in time. The only problem was that only his mind could travel back in time and not his body. For his latest trip, he one knob of the device to send him back to 1977; the other would ensure he was there for a ful year. As he zapped himself through the decades, he soon found himself back in the past in a very familiar body--his mother’s! Then he did the math; he’d be born in about 10 or 11 months. That would mean he would have to find whoever his father was, have sex with him, and give birth to himself. This was NOT what he had planned with his invention!


  1. Maybe not what he'd planned, but in a strange way...kinky to give birth to himself, LOL :) Fantastic caption and great use of picture.

  2. CLASSIC, ROFLOL! great story!

    Question - has his mom beocme him in the future?