Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goth chick

Toby had been drinking with his frat buddies while watching a Saturday night basketball game on the tube when his ears were suddenly assaulted by a loud and thumping bass. He found himself in a dark room. A strobe light flashed, and he could make out a figure. It was that fat goth chick from his Lit class. He attempted to let out an insult, but the music was too loud. It was strange--it had looked like she mouthed the same words he said at the same time. With a few more flashes, he realized she was mirroring his actions. After a few more, he figured out she wasn’t mirroring his actions--he was looking at a mirror! He looked down to see the large breasts hanging out of a black corset, the ripped gloves on his arms. He was disgusted! How had he suddenly gotten stuck in the body of the one person that revolted him!


  1. Looks like a little body theft to me, but he shouldn't be too upset, at least he's got a couple of things to play with, lol :) Great caption!

  2. WOW great story & useof pic. I don't envuhis new life! LOL