Thursday, June 9, 2011


When Danielle woke up in the body of a hairy, overweight man, she was horrified. In the process of freaking out, she found a note that read, “If you ever want to see your body again. Meet me at 5PM with $100,000. CASH.” In her panic, Danielle emptied her bank accounts and made her way to the address on the note. A man answered the door asking to see the cash. He silently took it from her as she started to scream about her body. He motioned for her to follow. He brought her into a room where she thankfully saw her body, dressed in leather and smoking a cigar. Danielle screamed, “You got your money, now give me my body back!” The person in her body laughed, “Look, Babe. The note said ‘if you ever wanted to SEE your body’ again. It didn’t say anything about switching back. I’m enjoying this sexy little bod of yours. Have fun with my body; you’re stuck with it now!”


  1. This is without doubt one of your BEST ever captions, I really love it!! That body is too good for her anyway, it looks much better on him :D Thanks so much!! I love hostile takeovers.

  2. Terrific caption. I can't blame the (former) guy. That body looks too good to give up.