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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roommates (Part 1)

When Will awoke from his nap, he was shocked at the body he now had. He put a hand to his chest in shock now that a breast hung from it.

Norm, his roommate, entered and laughed, “Let me explain, Will. Remember that medallion I showed you? I slipped it around your neck while you napped, and asked Carol from down the hall to come by. She’s having a good time as you right now. I suggest you enjoy your time as her for the next twelve hours, because that’s how long you’ll be in her body.”


  1. Fantastic caption! But why on earth would any woman give up a body like that...even for 12 hours? She's bonkers.

  2. LOL! very good story & use of pic. Great chance for lots of mistaken identity humor & of course for something to go really wrong. Looking forward to part 2