Saturday, August 6, 2011

New relations (Part 2)

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Gregory found it a bit of challenge to find his girlfriend in the midst of the confusion resulting from the Shift. When he was reunited, he expected her to be happy. Instead, she snarled up her nose. She had no problem dating Gregory now that he was in the body of a woman, but the fact that he was in the body of a black woman rubbed her the wrong way. Gregory was shocked! He had never pegged her to be a racist, but the fact was all too apparent now. Feeling scorned and rejected, he needed a confidence boost. He soon found himself going to the gym. His plan was to not only help him feel better about himself, but to get his body in such good shape--to make his new body so hot--that no one could ever make him feel rejected again!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Remeeting (Part 1)

It had been a year since Douglas found himself in the body of a young woman named Priscilla. No one would believe who he really was; he even spent a few months in a mental institute as a result. He soon learned he should just pretend to be Priscilla and avoid hassle. He still felt weird wearing her overly feminine clothes. But it was one fateful day in the park when he encountered his old body. He approached tepidly with a shocked look, which was quickly returned.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


This had to be the worst vacation for Ryan yet. He had spent the last week being seasick, and now the cruise he was on apparently sailed a bit to close to some place called Exchange Island, which resulted in Ryan swapped bodies with a person at that resort. The cruise director and captain told Ryan that they will help him get his body back, but they weren’t about to turn the boat off course to do it; he’d have to wait until the ship’s final port and then they’d sail him back to get it all sorted out. That meant he’d be spending the next two weeks on this boat in some unknown woman’s body. He tried his best to smile; after all, he was on vacation. At least this woman didn’t get seasick like Ryan’s body did!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Country to city

It felt like the world was twisting and morphing around Brandon. One moment he was standing up and the next he was sitting on a window sill. The open fields of the country had been replaced by white walls and a cityscape. He looked down at his own body to see that it was different as well. His well-muscled body was now curvier and softer. His pale skin had darkened significantly. He wasn’t dressed for farm work anymore either! He had gone from country to boy to city girl in a matter of seconds. But how did it happen?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When Ryan Franks invented a body swapping machine, the power quickly went to his head. He found himself swapping and stealing all sorts of bodies. It was difficult to explain the crime to the cops and even more difficult for the lawyers to prosecute the case, but they eventually caught Ryan while he was in the body of Melissa Winslow. However, upon his arrest he refused to give up the body and did not tell a soul how his machine worked. Part of his plan was to tie up the legal system. Ms. Winslow was innocent--how would they justify keeping her body behind bars? Even if they overlooked that obstacle, would they put him in men’s prison or women’s prison? Even if they did lock him away for ten or twenty years for theft, he’d just get out and use his knowledge to steal a young body again. As they took his booking photo, he had to hold back his smirk.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The other half

The Great Shift turned out pretty bad for Kevin Bartles. He had been enjoying champagne in his Madison Avenue apartment when it hit, and he suddenly found himself in the body of a woman who lived in an impoverished slum in a third world country. His slight buzz was replaced hunger pains. With no access to media and with no ability to speak the local language, his only way to know that he wasn’t the only one in a strange body was the general confusion and chaos of the other people around him. It was two months before the American embassy reopened and another one before they were able to determine Kevin was actually who he said he was. He had learned in those twelve weeks how the other half actually lived; the struggles they went through. He found himself dedicating his time, wealth, and entire life to improving the situations of the misfortunate.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

7 days (Part 3)

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Dwight was itching to leave the lab with his new borrowed body for the first time, but the scientists insisted on another hour of observation before letting him go. They also gave him a run down about who he had swapped with. Her name was Katrina. She attended the University with Dwight, but she wasn’t nearly as smart. She had to pay her way with no scholarship. She wasn’t rich either, which meant she really had to work for it. She had only agreed to the experiment for the money, enough to finish paying off her semester.