Saturday, December 29, 2012

Zen (Part 4)

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Nick always struggled with yoga, but he soon discovered that it was so much easier now that he had traded bodies with his instructor, who went by the name “Moon.”

His mind started to wander, wondering if Moon was her real name. Somehow he doubted it. That’s when he noticed his own body struggling with a very simple position. Moon was frustrated in Nick’s body; it just didn’t bend the ways she was used to.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Drunken (Part 2)

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After about an hour, Albert started to turn and flutter his eyes. He was having trouble recalling exactly what had happened. He remembered the party clearly enough, but he hadn’t drunk too much, so why did he feel so tipsy? Had he been drugged? He thought about it some more. He didn’t even remember passing out; all he could think about was a dream he had about switching bodies with Jenny. As he became more and more awake, he quickly realized that what he remembered was not a dream at all!


Uh-oh. This was bad. Jesse had signed up for an experimental procedure to switch bodies with another volunteer. He had swapped with a young woman named Hilary. They were free to do whatever they felt like for the next 48 hours, but they had to return at the end of that time and not a minute later. Jesse had decided to do some camping in Hilary’s body. It was his favorite activity, but for some reason it just wasn’t as much fun now that he was in Hilary’s body. He was sure the researchers would find that interesting. He thought about it as he drove back from the campsite. That’s when his car broke down. He had been stuck now for three hours without a single person passing by. He needed to get back in less than a hour. Considering he was in a remote location with no cell phone service, he was running out of time and options.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Something weird (Part 1)

Roberto had never really been there for his daughter, Andrea. He had seen her twice since the day she was born eighteen years ago. Now he was hoping to be a part of her life, but it was already not easy. His plan to have dinner with her one weekend forced her to cancel a date, and she was upset. As he tried to apologize after, something weird happened. Roberto realized he was now in his daughter’s body. He had wanted to be closer, but he never expected anything like this! Both were just hoping whatever was going on would somehow resolve itself by Monday.

Side effects

Blake was quickly regretting getting that experimental injection. He had been paid quite well for the session and was told he’d be reporting back in a week. He had woken up after the first night transformed into a woman! It got worse the following morning when he had discovered that he had sprouting additional sets of breasts! He wasn’t sure he could wait a week before reporting back! These were some really freaky side effects that demanded immediate attention!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


TG Caption magic body swap
Ronald considered himself a pretty lucky guy to have a girlfriend like Stephanie. She had the physique of a model, worked as a fashion designer, and was also a witch. These three things put together proved for many interesting situations. On nights before shows, she’d ask him to help out with fittings. She’d cast a spell to switch bodies with him and use him in her body to size clothing and make adjustments. Ronald never complained about the experience. In fact, he had to admit that he often enjoyed it. He often thought about suggesting she use the body swap spell for a bit of pleasure instead of for work, but so far he hadn’t built up the nerve.

Sportscar (Part 3)

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For the time being, Jake decided to assume this woman’s identity. He figured anyone would have a hard time explaining to anyone that he was someone different from who she appeared to be. He thought it would have been tough to assume the role of a woman, but somehow he eased into it without any effort. Part of him even enjoying picking out sexy outfits to wear--something he never would have expected a few days ago. He was right about her being rich, and she didn’t just have one nice car but a whole collection! Jake realized that he couldn’t see a single downside of taking over this woman’s life!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


TG Caption body swap
It started as a normal walk in the park for Jacob. Then he saw her. She was one of the most beautiful women he could ever remember seeing. She was blond and wearing tight leather leggings. She leaned on the railing of the park’s path. He paused for just a moment, hoping to introduce himself, but he just couldn’t find the words.

“What the hell are you staring at?” She snapped at him.

Jacob was still fumbling, “I...just...”

But before he could get a third word out, something strange happened. He was now the one leaning against the railing. He could feel the tight leather on his legs and hair brushing his shoulders. He put a hand on his hip, “I asked what you’re looking at!”

Jacob could see his former body was even more dumbfounded than he had been. Likely the woman was confused to be in his body, probably more confused to see her former body acting like nothing was wrong. Jacob was enjoying every minute of this.

Merry Christmas

Even Santa Claus wasn’t immune to the effects of the Great Shift. The jolly old elf was sure that his new body would change the image of Christmas and gift giving for years to come. Fortunately, despite having the body of a young woman now, he still had his magical gift delivering abilities along with his immortality. Christmas would not be canceled, but it certainly would be a whole lot sexier this year!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Half way

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Earl had agreed to test out his company’s latest invention, a device that promised to give anyone the body of their dreams. It looked just like a simple shirt and shorts. This was by design, as it was intended to be hidden under clothing. He’d wear it for a week as it transformed his body, then he’d have that new body for a month before putting the device on again for another week to revert to his original self. To test the device fully, they selected a rather extreme chance for Earl. By the second day, it was obvious that they were changing him into a woman for the trial. By the fourth day, he couldn’t believe how different he looked. But he wondered, if the device was only about half done transforming him, what would happen over the next three days? Would he become more feminine? More shapely? Would he get bigger breasts? It was hard for him to imagine since the ones he had were already starting to hurt his back.

Tickets (Part 3)

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After his first full day on the job in the body of Alice Han, Hal felt great. He arrived back in the central station with a smile on his face. He had a ticket back to Alice’s--er, his home. He wondered if he would ever see Alice with his body again. Part of him guessed that she was simply an angel granting his wish. There was no possible way a young woman like her would give up her life to have an old body like his. On that assumption, he knew he never would see her again, but he so desperately wanted to thank her.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The prude (Part 7)

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The following day dragged for Ryan. He could only stand in the lab as Dr. Wong made numerous attempted to reverse the experiment that had swapped their bodies the day before. Ryan knew that thanks to his sabotage, none of them would work. When the work day ended he practically bolted out the door. His first stop was the mall, where he bought himself nearly $1000 worth of clothes. He rushed back to Dr. Wong’s home and into her bedroom to try on the various items, which ranged from the silky and elegant to slutty and skimpy. After a while, he collapsed on the bed in sheer ecstasy. He couldn’t have been happier with the way things had turned out.