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Saturday, January 24, 2015


All of Thomas’s friends had been raving about the new teleporting technology that had just been introduced a little over a year ago. Your brain was uploaded into a computer and could be zapped halfway around the world into a host body a few seconds later -- making air travel look pathetically slow in comparison. Thomas had been hesitant to embrace the new tech, but a last minute meeting schedule in China for work forced him into using it. Of course, much like air travel, scheduling in advance allows for a better choice of seats and a lower price, so too with teleporting. Thomas merely had to accept whatever body was left. Her name was Ming. It turned out she made a living by being a host. She was always available for a last minute swap since they paid the most money. Thomas felt completely awkward and uncomfortable in her body. Her expensive designer clothes hugged and pinched him in all the wrong ways. His legs felt exposed in the short skirt, and he felt off-balance in the high heels. He just wanted to get to this meeting and get back home. But when he arrived, it seemed that too many people hadn’t been able to make it on such short notice. The meeting had been delayed, and he’d be stuck in Ming’s body for another day waiting for everyone else to arrive.

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