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Monday, January 19, 2015


Ryan looked down for the hundredth time since the Great Shift. He kept hoping that maybe he’d just wind up back in his own body in much the same way he had suddenly found himself in this body when the Shift struck a few hours earlier. Part of him knew that he should be thankful. The random body swapping could’ve put him inside the body of a baby or someone eldery or sick. However, he still couldn’t seem to feel comfortable with the fact that he was now an attractive woman. If he had seen this woman a bar, he might’ve tried hitting on her or giving her a catcall on the street. And maybe that’s what was making him so uncomfortable. He knew he was now going to be on the other end of things like catcalls and being hit on. He’d be the one fighting off advances. Something about that just felt way too strange. And so he closed his eyes again to look down once more, hoping to see his old body when he looked down. Yet still all he saw was the gorgeous and shapely body that was now his.

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  1. Terrific to see you back U& posting againn.
    very Well well written. Great use of pic