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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Missed Opportunity

Three months ago, Dan had been a highly paid trader on Wall Street until one late night at the office. The cab he took back to his pent house apartment that night just happened to be the magic taxi, and the current driver saw a great opportunity and decided to switch bodies with Dan. Unlike past occupants of the cabbie’s body, Dan felt no need to read old journals left behind. He had no idea the power he had. He just saw himself as stuck in a dumpy body with a roach-infested apartment. It was only by chance three months later after dropping off a young woman and speaking the words, “Have a nice day, Miss,” that he realized. Now it was he standing on the curb, looking at the cab he had been driving moments ago. He had a new body, and this one he was stuck with. If he had only known, he thought, he could’ve been anyone. He could’ve been more powerful or richer. Instead, he was now some woman. A woman! He groaned thinking about the missed opportunity.

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