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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Store

When Greg had started his job, he found himself sitting only a few desks away from a woman that he developed a crush on instantly. Despite working so close, he never got the guts to say a single word to her. Then one day, she was gone; a new guy sat in her place. He had no trouble introducing himself to this new male employee. But then the guy told Greg an incredible story. He wasn’t new at all. He was the woman that had been sitting the entire time. She thought that her gender was keeping her from getting a promotion, and had gone to a nearby store that allowed you to swap in your body. Greg seemed skeptical, but when he was went to the address she gave him, he was surprised to see her old body in the window. He was a little surprised her body hadn’t been bought already...then he had an idea. The next day Greg arrived at work with the biggest grin on his face. As he worked on his laptop, eventually his co-worker stopped by. “So you bought my old body?” She asked him.

He simply smiled and nodded.

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