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Friday, June 12, 2015

The Test

Oscar was pretty excited after testing his latest invention. Not only was he excited because the body swapper was a success, but he was also excited because of who he had convinced to test it with his, his sexy neighbor Jenna. Oscar was now exiting his pod, but now he had Jenna’s awesome body. Meanwhile, Jenna was locked in the other pod, trapped in Oscar’s original body. The locking system was one very important aspect of the device -- after all, if you locked someone in to steal their body, you wouldn’t want to end up being the one locked up after the swap.

Jenna was pounding at the door of her pod as Oscar struggled to get out. He realized he should have made the door a little larger; he hadn’t expected to feel quite so disoriented in a new body. Then again, he hadn’t expected to be swapped in such a different body. She had just happened to stop by at just the right moment and asked a slew of questions. Oscar had just decided it was easier to show her what he was doing than to tell her. Even being vague on the details, Oscar couldn’t imagine she’d ever agree to be a test subject. Of course, Jenna had no clue about what the device she had agreed to test was actually going to do.

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