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Monday, June 8, 2015


As he walked up the stairs outside the sleazy motel, Alan was beginning to regret his choice of outfits. Of course, if he hoped to seduce his best friend, he needed to dress this body up all sexy. As he continued to climb, he thought about rethinking his plan. He knew his marriage was on the rocks, and he didn’t want to give up half his fortune to his wife; however, the only way he wouldn’t lose that in a divorce was if his wife was caught cheating. Since Alan’s company was developing some fairly hi-tech projects, he had used a prototype that allowed him to transform into an exact copy of his own wife. It was no secret that his marriage was in trouble, so he had asked his best friend Ted to talk with his wife to help try to mend things. However, it was Alan posing as his own wife who would go to meet Ted instead. Alan wondered if he could even begin to seduce Ted. Sure, he was able to dress sexy enough, but could he even act seductive? Or would he just seem silly? And did Alan really want to be intimate with another man? He shuddered a little. Maybe he should just go back to the lab and rethink this whole thing.

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  1. LOL! I see plenty of problemd for example what of his wife is misraken for him?