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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Dr. Miguel Cuervo looked at a sample of his blood under the microscope. Something was definitely changing about it, but he was still having a lot of trouble figuring out exactly how. The fact that he was changing was obvious. Over the past hour, he had found himself transforming into a woman. He clothes fell off him and he had to steal some things that his colleagues had left behind just to find something that fit and cover up. He knew if he could pinpoint the cause, he could likely reverse it. He was just having so much trouble finding the cause. Then the thought dawned on him, what if his mind was also transforming? This shouldn’t be an difficult problem for him, was the transformation affecting his intellect? He had to admit that he felt a bit more bubbly, and he was even starting to forget things -- or maybe he was just remembering them differently. He still remembered being a man, but he was thinking now that his name was Michelle, which certainly didn’t seem like a man’s name.