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Thursday, June 25, 2015


Jeff was pretty excited to have a small part in a play on Broadway. Though he was already jealous of the lead, Anton. Anton would show up late or just phone in the practice. Jeff was there everyday early, before everyone. He wished he could have the lead in the play. Then he felt a cool breeze from somewhere, and he suddenly felt different. Still alone in the empty theater, he looked down to see a skimpy pink outfit. Without even looking in the mirror, he realized his wish had come true, but not in the way he had intended. He didn’t magically get Anton’s part nor did he suddenly swapped bodies with Anton. No, he magically swapped bodies with Fiona, the female lead of the play. She often came across as an empty headed bimbo with a sleazy side. But, boy, could she act! Despite coming across as dumb in day-to-day life, she took to the stage, and Jeff instantly would believe her as the queen she played. Now those shoes were his to fill -- her pink, high heeled shoes were now his. It wasn’t exactly what he wanted, but he took comfort in the fact that he was now a lead.

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  1. very good story * use ofp ic, & well at lest he's th lead.