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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Nice Day; A Nice Life

How long had it been since Calvin’s body was stolen and he was stuck driving the magic taxi? Two months? Three months? He wasn’t sure, but he told himself he wasn’t going to steal anyone else’s body. He was just content to drive and earn a decent living. That is, until Erica got in the back seat. She kept droning on and on about her great life, about how rich she was, and how she liked treating everyone poorer than her like dirt. Calvin finally decided he found someone to swap bodies with, so as she got out, he told her to “Have a nice day” and suddenly found himself in her body just as she was closing the door.

Now that Erica was inside the body of the cab driver, she looked at Calvin with an unexpected smile.

“Yes, Ma’am, I hope you have a very nice day” She repeated while adding, “And I hope you have a nice life as a trophy wife going home to your 80 year old husband who just won’t die and still insists getting busy every night.”

Calvin could only look back in shock, realizing what he had just done to himself.

1 comment:

  1. Yea well Erica 2.0 might have a sex crazed 80yr old husband. But I wounder how worked up Erica 1.0 made her man if she could not stand him then the blue pill and Erica 1.0 laying like a dead fish was bad for her. But Erica 2.0 knew how to work it seeing she was a he and only after 2 wks the old very rich 80yr husband was no more but Erica 2.0 was the nicest person and everone chalked it up to widows grief. Now Erica 2.0 is loveing her life.