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Saturday, September 29, 2018


Eugene had made a huge mistake with his body swapping machine. It was supposed to be a quick test with Kaitlyn, and then they were supposed to swap back to their own bodies. The whole thing should’ve been done in an hour. However, due to a slight miscalculation, it seemed their brains wouldn’t be able to take the return swap without being fried. They were stuck. Kaitlyn was clearly upset and Eugene felt terrible.

By the end of the day, Eugene had a plan to fix his errors. He wasn’g going to be able to swap them back, but with a bit of bioengineering, he might be able to transform his own body to at least return Kaitlyn to normal. He quickly started doing measurements. He needed to make his adjustments perfectly. He didn’t want to screw anything up.

After getting every dimension of Kaitlyn’s body, he programmed the nanobots. They’d be able to transform his old body into a double of Kaitlyn’s down to every small detail. His body wouldn’t exist any more, but he could rid himself of this guilt.

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  1. So after the Nanobots were done with Eugene's body Kaitlyn was now 3" taller and she liked it. but her now sister was still sad and Guilt ridden till Kaitlyn told Lyn that she would show her things and take her clubbing to get her mind off of her old life, the next day Kaitlyn got a text from Lyn. Sis- OMG you were right I fell like a new woman Need to go want to wake up my man the right way.