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Friday, September 21, 2018

Stopped (Part 3)

Click here for Part 1.
Click here for Part 2.
It seemed as though while the stopped elevator was temporary but the body swap was not. As such, it seemed Alan was now stuck in Tiffany’s body and stuck living her life. With his own business in a bit of a lull, Tiffany shadowed Alan to give him good directions about how to do his hair and makeup, how to dress, and even how to run her business. She was actually still doing most of the work, and he was just the face. At some point, he knew he tables would have to turn, and instead of Alan learning about fashion, he would have to teach Tiffany about construction. They both hoped by the end of it they’d either swap back or at least have enough knowledge to get by.


  1. good story & pic. I like that they'[re helping each other

  2. Funny After six months being each other Tiffany 2.0 and Alan 2.0 got the shock of their lives the Government told everyone the switch was unchangeable. Tiffany 2.0 was great at the fashion thing or even better seeing she was a he and knew what guys liked. Alan 2.0 never went back to Construction but became a partner with Tiffany because Alan 2.0 was a great salesman. After one year the Two became lovers and decided to forget their old lives and only talk about their new lives. One day Tiffany came into the store and announced to Alan that they were going to start a new line of Fashion the Pregnancy line, and Tiffany was not only going to be the owner but the model. Alan did the only thing he could do got down on one knee and proposed to Tiffany. They got married in a tux and a 7 months wedding dress for twins it turns out Alan 1.0 never had children but Alen 2.0 was making up time.