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Friday, September 7, 2018

Healthy (Part 5)

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And so, as hard as it was for James to believe, he was finally convinced that he was Jenny and that he always had been Jenny. He tried his best to embrace her life; he started to dress and try to act accordingly. It was often times difficult. For instance, he’d get a text from one of Jenny’s friends. For starters, he likely couldn’t even think of what the person texting him looked like. Then it was often about a subject that may have interested a college-aged woman, but James struggled to take it seriously. Shopping? Boys? He just wasn’t interested. Then there were Jenny’s classes; many he had to retake. He fumbled his way through some of them; whereas Jenny had often excelled. When people asked about it, he would explain it off as ‘amnesia,’ but it was really much more complicated. He missed his old life, but it had all just been in his head. Nothing about ‘James’ had been real. Jenny was his one and only reality. It was just so hard to fight the memories in his head.

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