Saturday, September 29, 2018


Eugene had made a huge mistake with his body swapping machine. It was supposed to be a quick test with Kaitlyn, and then they were supposed to swap back to their own bodies. The whole thing should’ve been done in an hour. However, due to a slight miscalculation, it seemed their brains wouldn’t be able to take the return swap without being fried. They were stuck. Kaitlyn was clearly upset and Eugene felt terrible.

By the end of the day, Eugene had a plan to fix his errors. He wasn’g going to be able to swap them back, but with a bit of bioengineering, he might be able to transform his own body to at least return Kaitlyn to normal. He quickly started doing measurements. He needed to make his adjustments perfectly. He didn’t want to screw anything up.

After getting every dimension of Kaitlyn’s body, he programmed the nanobots. They’d be able to transform his old body into a double of Kaitlyn’s down to every small detail. His body wouldn’t exist any more, but he could rid himself of this guilt.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Worth It

When the Great Shift struck, Jackson could certainly tell something was different right away. The long hair, the shiny leather pants, and shapely body were all dead giveaways. However, it was a few hours of walking in uncomfortable heels before he finally found a mirror and saw his reflection. He was shocked -- he was absolutely gorgeous! If this was the body he ended up getting when everyone in the world swapped bodies, it all seemed worth it!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Perfect Wedding

Chuck had heard of bridezilas, so he was pretty relieved when his wife-to-be Kate seemed pretty relaxed about the whole thing and suggested hiring a wedding planner, Anne. It wasn’t long before Anne was bossing both Chuck and Kate around in order to help them plan their wedding. They often thought of firing her, but everything they previewed with her was always perfect. Dealing with Anne just seemed like a mild inconvenience in exchange.

When Chuck arrived at the day of the wedding, Anne greeted him. She was going to make sure he stayed far away from Kate, but her pleasant smile turned into a frown when she looked him up and down. She started lecturing him about now being perfect, about his tie being crooked. She demanded he let her fix it all. When Chuck agreed, he was shocked that Anne had somehow swapped bodies with him. She told him it was the easiest way. She’d get his body ready for the next hour or so, and he could just look around and enjoy everything. Chuck shrugged. It was weird, but he figured it was easier not to worry about it. And sure enough, as he looked around, everything was beautiful and, well, perfect. He couldn’t help but smile even if was walking around uncomfortably in Anne’s satin pink dress.

However, as guests started to arrive, he got nervous. He couldn’t find Anne and his body. When he finally did with minutes to spare, he asked about swapping back.

Anne just smiled, “You didn’t figure it out, did you? You aren’t getting your body back. I was planning the perfect wedding...MY wedding. I’m taking your life and your wife, and it was my plan all along...”

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Robert couldn’t believe how difficult it was moving the equipment around his gym ever since the Great Shift. Luckily he had swapped into a body that was pretty strong, but her body was nowhere near as strong as he had been. However, he had been eager to reopen even without much of his staff ready to return; that meant he had to do much of the work himself. But as he saw customers stream in, ready to improve whatever new body they had found themselves in, he knew he had made the right choice.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Eyes (Part 3)

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Jason supposed the next logical step was to find his former body. He knew where he had been before this swap happened, and it wasn’t far away. Even if the person in his body had gone, they couldn’t have gone far. As he began to walk, he noted it was a little challenging to walk in heels but not quite as tough as he expected. He was sure he’d be there in no time, but he was pretty sure he couldn’t be getting many more answers for a while...

Monday, September 24, 2018

Eyes (Part 2)

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Jason tried to evaluate his new body. He seemed to be in fairly good shape, probably no more than 30 years old. He couldn’t see his own face, but his body certainly seemed tractive. Of course, this still didn’t answer how he ended up in this body or where his own body went. That’s when he overheard a conversation in the distance. There were two voices in quite a panic talking about how this body swap affected everyone in the entire world. It didn’t answer much, but it as good to know that he wasn’t alone.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Eyes (Part 1)

The light was blinding and Jason tried using his hand to shield his eyes, but there was nothing that could protect him from the Great Shift. His vision was briefly engulfed by the light until his sight slowly returned. The first thing he saw when it returned was his own hand, which was now seemed much more slender and encased in a dainty black glove. In the other hand, he could feel the weight of a purse. His legs were bare, and he could feel a col breeze blow on them. Then there was the bright pink coat and the long hair. It was hard to fathom, but it seemed he was now someone else...