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Monday, January 28, 2013

Zen (Part 6)

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While leaning forward felt strange, arching backwards felt even weirder! As the moves got more advanced, Nick was more and more surprised by how he could contort Moon’s body and he became more and more aware of the feminine aspects of his new body. However, the most amazing feeling of all was that Nick actually felt at peace with it. He was actually enjoying being inside of Moon’s body. It suddenly all felt...right. It was like how things should be.


  1. Good stoy & use of pi. Thanks or contiuing

  2. I would try and keep that body. just saying, I would meditate long enough and try to gain all her memories some how to obtain her life forever.

  3. There's a certain maliciousness to stealing someone's body intentionally. I would think that meditating to try and achieve that goal wouldn't quite work out. Though he certainly might be at peace with his new body and just have no real desire to need to switch back... ;)