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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Loss for words (Part 1)

TG Caption forced surgery
Before opening his eyes, Garrett tried to recall the last thing he could remember. He had taken a shortcut through an alley where he was attacked. Now he was waking up. He certainly was lying on the street. He would’ve guessed he was in a hospital, except it was far too dirty. A creepy old man stood behind him, and smiled when he saw Garrett’s eyes open.

“I see you have awoken,” The man said, “I apologize for my associates’ brutality. It has become impossible for me to find willing volunteers for my experiments.”

“Experiments?” Garrett asked. He noticed his voice sounded strange. He held his hand to his throat and tried to clear it. He spoke again, “What kind of experiments?”

“Today, I have made a breakthrough! After numerous failed tries, I have performed the first successful brain transplant!”

“Brain trans--” Garrett stopped mid-sentence at the realization. His strange voice made sense now. The man had placed his mind into a different body, and as he began to look at it, he realized it was a woman’s body! Garrett was at a loss for words.