Thursday, January 31, 2013

Walking (Part 1)

Once the flash of light hit him, Kris noticed the changes immediately. It felt like his body was encased in rubber--but the fetish-style clothes were of little concern compared to the shapely body under them. There had to be a logical explanation for it all. People just didn’t randomly end up with a new body for no reason. He concluded that he might not be the only one, and decided if he wasn’t, there might be some sort of report on the television, internet, or radio. He needed to get up and find something, but he soon realized that with his new heels it might be difficult. He thought about taking them off, but he didn’t want to waste any time. He also figured he’d adjust to them soon enough. Women walked in these things all the time. He thought about that for a moment. He was a woman now; he’d probably have to deal with many more womenly things besides walking in heels.

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