Monday, January 28, 2013

Wife's life

Marc had gotten into an argument with his wife last night. It was about his long nights at the office and her responsibilities at home. She said he just didn’t understand her daily routine was; he laughed and asked how hard staying at home all day could be. They went to bed angry, but Marc woke up shocked the next morning to find himself in his wife’s body! If she was now in his body, she was certainly pulling off an amazing acting job before heading out to his office. This left Marc in the house with his wife’s body to make breakfast for the kids and get them off to school. When all that was done, he took care of chores. He fumbled with putting things from the store into the trunk of the car. As he finished the shopping, his youngest child needed to be picked up from kindergarten. 2PM rolled around, and he hadn’t even had time for lunch yet! One thing was for sure, his wife’s life certainly wasn’t easy!

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