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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Kyle had been seeing his therapist, Dr. Leslie Mutter, for two years now for his depression. He honestly didn’t feel like he was getting any better, but he had developed a little bit of a crush on Dr. Mutter. In fact, it was a little bit more than a crush. He was downright obsessed, but over the course of his therapy he came to realize that he didn’t just want to be with her, he wanted to BE her. He wanted to be a woman, a sexy woman in a short dress and high heels, the type of short dress and high heels Dr. Mutter was wearing today. This was the cause of his depression. He wasn’t a man; he didn’t feel like a man. He wanted to be a woman. And suddenly he realized he wasn’t just thinking these things in his session, he was actually saying them aloud! Dr. Mutter just smiled, telling Kyle he had made excellent progress today but the appointment was now over. Kyle was in shock at what he had revealed, but as the doctor lead him out of the room, a strange green light passed over both of them. And soon after Kyle realized he had swapped bodies with Dr. Mutter! He was now her! He was now Leslie! He quickly pushed his former body out the door and sat down to smile. This was a dream come true. Meanwhile, just outside the office, Leslie smiled from Kyle’s body as well. She had never had the opportunity to try out her body swapping therapy before. She had intended it for couples therapy, but never got a single couple as a client. Kyle was her first test. She was sure it would be a great success for him to live out his fantasy for a week. What harm could he possibly do with her body anyway?


  1. What a naive woman, lol. She ain't getting that sexy body back!! ;)

  2. WOW WHT A STORY! I bet Leslie has a hard time gettinghe rbody & life back! It is well written a fool & their body are soon parted.

  3. I hope you'll write more about it! :)