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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Jason had always been an annoyance to his big sister. He would read her diary, mess with her stuff, or just get in her hair. As he got older, he got much smarter. He found new inventive ways of figuring out her secrets. His latest was a device intended to read her mind. He’d never need to take time to snoop around her room any more! He activated it and was assaulted by a barrage of thoughts, but they were all too scattered to make out. He quickly turned it off. His vision was blurred, but he gasped when he saw his sister in his room! He must’ve been discovered. Then he realized he wasn’t in his own room, he was in his sister’s! And what he thought was his sister standing there was actually his own reflection in a full length mirror! He ran back to his own room where his sister in his body was nowhere to be found. Putting on his own glasses, his vision cleared. ‘Fascinating,’ he thought, ‘I may be in Vicki’s body, but my poor vision is still my own.’

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