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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Close call

Drew hadn't been in a taxi in years, and for good reason! The last time a mysterious taxi driver said "Have a nice day," and then Drew was in the cabbie's body! It was a curse of sorts, Drew would live as the cabbie until someone else entered the cab for a long enough ride to swap bodies with. It just so happened to be a scene girl on her way back from the clubs. Drew enjoyed the new life as a plucky, young 20-something, and generally tried to avoid taxis. Three years later, Drew felt that things were safe. Now in a cab again, things felt eerily was the same cab! The same driver! Drew didn't want to take another chance! He enjoyed the fact that the cab turned him into a woman last time; what if this time he turned back into a man? No way! He jumped out at a red light just in time, before the meter clicked over the minimum amount required for a swap.

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