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Friday, July 24, 2009

Plastic canary

Troy and his friends always stayed clear of the Korean chick at their college. She was weird; she wore the strangest outfits and just said things that seemed to make no sense. They hadn't even bothered making fun of her, because she would blow up at them. She hung out with the art crowd while Troy and his friends were more of the jock type. Of course, this changed when an accident in one of their science classes switched their bodies. The University promised to sort it out as soon as possible and offered them both a full scholarship if they promised to keep it quiet. Troy couldn't believe he had to spend ANY time in this body. As he searched through her closet, he couldn't find a single piece of normal clothing. It was getting cold and most normal jacket she owned made him look like a plastic canary. He sucked it up and wore it out, prepared to be ignored by his own former friends...

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