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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Kip and his friends were playing Dungeons and Dragons on the college quad when they saw the girls on the University's track team run by them. The nerds drooled as they rolled the dice, distracted from their fantasy game. Kip spied Ayumi, a Japanese girl who had joined the team just last week. He had a huge crush on her, but he knew they were just too different. She barely even spoke any English, which was Kip's major. As he stared at her running by, Kip felt a weird tugging at his soul, as did most other people. The Great Shift hit, swapping the D&D playing nerds with the athletic girls, and Kip found himself inside Ayumi's fit body while she was now in the body of Kip's overweight friend, Ethan. It was strange hearing a rush of Japanese swears coming out of the acne ridden face of his friend. After everyone calmed down, Ayumi struggled to explain things to Kip in English. She told him that her body came with "great shame," and that Kip would have to "maintain her area." It was going to be a struggle to understand her, but Kip was sort of happier to be closer to Ayumi, even under the weirdest of circumstances.

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