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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Officer Charles Davis was chasing a thief who had just fled from a museum heist. The criminal ducked into an apartment, and Charles was sure he had the guy cornered. Though he called for backup it was taking forever to arrive, so he took a risk and kicked the door down to the apartment where the outlaw was waiting with a gun to the head of a tied up woman. That's when an artifact from the museum started to glow blinding all three people. Officer Charles regained his senses first but couldn't seem to do anything. He was tied up, and looking around he saw the thief and his own body! Both men looked very confused, but then he saw his own body smack the criminal and dash out with the stash from the museum. The backup Charles had called for arrived soon after, arresting the thief's body and letting Charles go, who had come to realize at this point that he was in the body of the woman who had been tied up. As he was brought to the police car, the thief was in tears, and cried out to Charles, "I don't know who you are! But I'm Renee Johnson! That's my body! Please give it back!"

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