Saturday, August 1, 2009

Second thoughts

Gary couldn't believe he was putting on a fancy dress about to go to a high school prom. A month ago, before an idle wish to better understand his daughter that caused him to swap bodies with her, he never would've imagined this. He had hoped once he did unerstand her better, he'd swap back or in the movies, but so far, well, he was still her. He hadn't wanted to go to the prom, but she told him that if he didn't wear the dress, she would. The last thing he wanted was to have his old body prancing around in a prom dress, so he reluctantly agreed. Now he was getting ready, and he was really having second thoughts...

Tea time

Carl didn't know what was in that tea the psychiatrist gave him, but he was sure happy with the results. He had gone to the shrink with his girlfriend, hoping to improve their rocky relationship. The tea swapped their bodies. Carl enjoyed the two weeks in his girlfriend's body. He explored his bisexuality ad his femininity. In fact, when it came time to switch back, he looked at the tea, lifting it up to think about it for a moment, and refused. He enjoyed living his girlfriend's life too much!


When the three men sat down in chairs, they never expected three domes to fall on top of their heads. The wires connected to these domes transmitted signals to three other domes where three women were sitting, and these signals swapped the men's bodies with the women's. Stan couldn't have been happier with the results, a big smile came across his face almost immediately. Next, when Bill realized what happened, he pushed the dome off his head and picked up a nearby fashion magazine. He figured that if this was his life now, he might as well read up on the finer points of being a woman. Finally, Fred reeled over in pain. It felt like his inside where churning. The body he wound up in was having was that time of month...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hole in the wall

As soon as Donald realized he was in the body of a woman, he decided to run and hide, sneaking into a thin hole in the wall where his old body couldn't go after him. He wasn't sure how or why he wound up in her body, but in case there was any possibility of swapping back...well, he didn't want that to happen!


Judah and Betsy had downloaded a strange program that ended up swapping their bodies, and then the computer froze. Betsy tried to reboot at first to no success, then Judah took the computer from her and frantically pressed some keys. After finally being able to get the computer rebooted, they discovered that the program had strangely disappeared. They even tried to go back to where they downloaded the program from, and even the website was gone! They were stuck.

Tight grip

Alec thought he had the perfect plan to steal a woman's body. However, he didn't account on his body's old strength. Shortly after he initiated the swap, he felt an angry hand on his throat. It was the girl whose body he had stolen. As Alec struggled to breathe, he explained that the swap was only one way. He explained that he could swap her into another woman's body, but he just couldn't swap her back. The lie worked; the hand let go.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music video

The record company had spent a lot of money to promote Lil' Big Dog and push him to be the next big rapper. What they hadn't accounted on was the Great Shift happening during his music video shoot. Lil' Big Dog was shocked to find himself in the skinny, sexy bodies of one of his background dancers. The next thing he knew, he was being physically groped by his old body. He had been doing this sort of thing to the girls earlier, but who was in his body now? Why were they doing this to him? Whoever was in his body now was pretending to be him! But why? Meanwhile, the record executive inside Lil' Big Dog's body simply couldn't afford to delay the video shoot. She figured she could fake being him until the shoot was over...

Girlie clothes

Mike absolutely hated the fact that the Great Shift had stuck him in a woman's body. He worried about the thought that he could now get pregnant, he certainly didn't like the way some people looked at him already, and women's fashion--he despised it. The jeans were too tight, the tops too revealing. He would spend hours in the store just trying to find something that would fit his new small frame that he didn't think was "girlie." He wondered if this is why his ex-girlfriend used to spend so much time at the mall...


The easy part of Herman's plan was done. Well, if you consider inventing a bodyswapping device that switched his brain into the prom queen's body the easy part! Now that he had stolen her body, he told her that she had two choices. One was to live his old, pathetic, nerdy life, and the other that if she didn't accept the fact that she was now him, he'd have to kill her. She flipped out and threatend to squeal. Herman sighed as he got the chainsaw from the shed. He didn't want to do this. It would be messy. He'd certainly get hs new dress all bloody and dirty. Plus, this chainsaw was HEAVY! By the time Herman managed to get back to his old body, the prom queen had escaped! He could try to track her down, or he could hope that no one would believe her crazy bodyswapping story...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Calling the cops

Patricia grabbed the cart that her former body was wheeling. "Give it back," she said.

Her old body looked puzzled, "What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about; stop playing dumb. That's my body, and somehow you stole it!"

"I don't know who you are, or what you're talking about," lied Vinny, "But if you don't leave me alone right now, I'm calling the cops."

500+ Captions!

I just realized today that I have reached over 500 captions on Here's to going for a thousand!

Only child

Eric was an only child, so he was pretty annoyed when his parents agreed to host a foreign exchange student for a year. They told him he should show her around the school, introduce her to his friends, and so on. He really didn't want someone leeching on him all the time. However, the foreign girl quickly confided in Eric and showed him a secret medallion that she had that could swap people's bodies! He didn't believe her, of course, but she used it to swap her body with his. He freaked out. After he had morphed into her, he yelled at her to leave his room. But she quickly corrected him that it was HER room now. Eric walked down the hall to the guest bedroom where the foreign exchange student was staying, changed into a baggy sweatshirt and jeans, and wondered how he was going to get her to switch back with him!

300 Lbs

Adjusting to life after the Great Shift was weird; each day seemed to be filled with strange sights. Before the Shift, Nathan was 300 pounds and a competitive eater. He wasn't going to give that up just because he was now a 90 pound Asian woman! The number of people that would walk by and stare as he ate huge quantities of food, wondering how the small woman could swallow all of it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet sixteenth

Billy was playing around in his basement when his sister, Meredith, came to get him for dinner. A whirring came from one of their father's weird projects, and the next thing they knew their bodies were swapped! Neither wanted to admit to playing around with their father's stuff, so they kept the swap a secret, but when they went back to the basement after dinner, they couldn't get it to work again. Meredith freaked out because her sixteenth birthday was tomorrow and had a big party all planned. She told him that he'd have to pretend to be her, and that he should just smile and have a good time. Of course, she should've known that her six year old brother would have a very different idea of what "a good time" meant. Seeing how Billy acted at Meredith's party, their father knew his kids must have fooled with his machine. As a punishment, they were forced to stay in each other's bodies for a month. Meredith was horrifed, but Billy didn't think it was all that bad.

Taking a bite...

A year ago, Adam was offered an apple from a young woman, but when he bit into it, his world turned black. When he awoke, he found that he had swapped bodies with the woman, and she had disappeared with his body. He had adapted well over the time, but then he found another apple on his countertop with a note that said he could use the apple to swap with someone else and become a man again. He felt like he had to be honest with the person he would swap with, so he held up the apple and asked if you'd like to take a bite...

Not a dream

A freak storm broke out, and Dennis felt lucky that he had an umbrella to keep him dry. He pulled it open when a bolt of lightning came down from the sky, striking the top of his umbrella. Halfway around the world, the same thing happened to a Japanese girl named Miho. The simultaneous occurance resulting in a truly bizzare phenomenon of Dennis and Miho swapping bodies. He assumed the bolt knocked him out, and that he was having some sort of dream. He decided it would be fun to experience the dream to its fullest. Too bad he wasn't dreaming...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Super old and gross

"I really hated that Great Shift thing," Mikey told his sister Juliet.

"Tell me about it! It's totally lame that we're stuck in mom and dad's bodies while they got ours! We were just kids! Like six years old! Now we're in their super old, gross bodies!"

"It wouldn't be so bad," Mikey retorted, "I just wish I had gotten dad's and you had gotten mom's; instead of the other way around..."

Mixed Feelings

After activating his new device, Sam was filled with all sorts of mixed feelings. First of all, he was pleased that it had worked, he was successfully teleported from one side of his house to the other. Next, he was concerned about the machine's power, it had sucked in his neighbor, who was sunbathing outside, and merged his consciousness into her body. Finally, he felt unintended consequence of the teleporting. He grabbed one of his daughter's jackets, and hoped he could sort out all the errors before she came home with his wife.

7 to 2

Jamal laughed out loud when a five foot tall asian woman in a skimpy yellow top challenged him to a game of one-on-one. At close to seven feet, the African American man was confident in his basketball dominance over this woman. When she asked to "make it interesting," he almost didn't accept, thinking it wasn't a fair bet at all. He was convinced when she told him that the stakes were "anything I want against anything YOU want." "Anything," she cooed once more, and he was sold. He was totally caught off guard when she crushed him, 7 to 2. "Remember the stakes," she said, "Anything I want, and I want your body." Jamal looked confused for a minute, a little scared by the look in her eye. He picked up the ball and started to walk away, but all of a sudden fell over in pain. He felt most of his body contract, but a few parts felt like they were expanding. Something was wrong. He stood up to look back to where the woman was standing, but she had disappeared. He brought the ball to his chest and that's when he realized what was wrong. He had two boobs hanging down from there covered in a very familiar yellow top. She had stolen his tall body and left him in hers!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Everything suddenly went blurry or Jonathan. He saw a figure in front of him wearing his thick glasses as he grabbed them off the person and put them back on himself. He looked back up from the book he was reading with his sister to see his own face looking back. If that was him, he must be...he was his own sister! But if he had her body, why did he still need his own glasses? His sister seemed just as confused as he did, but she suggested that they continue reading, maybe there was something in the book that caused the swap. Jonathan could only hope! He didn't want to be stuck in his sister's body any longer! It had only been a few minutes and he already felt exposed with her large breasts popping out of her top and her long legs exposed from under her short skirt.

Thin restraints

This was like something out of a sci-fi movie! Todd was kidnapped by a crazy mad scientist and subjected to strange experiments. The latest of which he was strapped into a chair along with a young woman, a lever was pressed, and the two swapped bodies! Todd was horrified and tried to break free, but he was quickly subdued by the scientist. He was easily held captive by the thinnest restraints...however, he saw his own body punch out an assistant and escape! Todd now had two giant tasks ahead of him. The first would be to escape, and then he would have to find his old body.

Spoiling their dinner

Since the Great Shift swapped Alex and Max into the bodies of two older women, they felt they could do anything they wanted without their mothers telling them what they couldn't do. They stayed up past their bed time, they stopped attending school, and they spoiled their dinner with ice cream and other treats all the time. Yep, being bigger and older certainly had its advantages. Of course, they were soon to learn some of the problems too, like getting hit on by guys, responsibility, and worst of all...periods!