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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Liberal art (Part 1)

Reggie was a sophomore business major at a leading University and a member of the campus's young Republicans. However, the liberal nature of college kids regularly got on his nerve. It wasn't just their politics, but the absolutely idiotic things they did. He sighed wishing they could all just grow up as he walked back to his dorm from his economics class. And that's when the Great Shift hit and he found himself in the basement of the art school in the body of a female painting major. She was apparently working on a mural that just looked like trashy graffiti to Reggie, and he couldn't believe she was doing this "art" wearing roller skates, which meant that HE was now wearing roller skates. He couldn't believe that he was now inside the body of one of those freaky liberal art majors!


  1. great photo & use of it, sexy & funny. I ssee your starting another series. PLS finish some of your others especially theone with the foothball player swayde with the Japanese girl ( I love the fact they dated! LOL Îid they do anything 'naughty?)
    Also, the one of the CEO & young womanmanager swapped by an invention they are thinking of buying.

  2. They are generally meant to be open-ended so that I can pick them back up again if I so choose.