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Monday, August 9, 2010

Gone wrong

Kyle had signed up for the latest batch of experiments the psychology department at his college was conducting, though he had to admit to being a little freaked out when they told him they were experimenting with brain swapping. Still, the money was good enough that he couldn't say no...even when he found out the other participant was his psycho, nagging ex-girlfriend. The thought of being in her body for the entire week of the test gave him chills, but things got interesting when she proposed a bet. Whoever came crawling back to the lab first begging for their own body back would be the loser and would have to do anything of the winner's choosing. Kyle agreed, knowing he wouldn't cave no matter what. However, neither really would be able to participate in the bet after an accident in the swapping procedure occured. Both Kyle and his ex's brains were merged into one body--her body. Kyle was mostly in control, but he could feel his ex's constant nagging in the back of his head. He'd throw some clothes on in the morning, then be upset with himself for picking out something that made him look fat. He'd be at a bar and yel at himself for drinking so much. He wanted to shoot himself. He had dumped her to get away from this sort of thing, and now it was struck constantly inside his head. He hoped those geeks could sort this out soon!

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  1. Now this is an excellent caption, one of many, but definitely one of the best :) Talk about torture, LOL. Thanks :)