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Monday, August 30, 2010


There were plenty of things that Sasha didn't like about being a commuter student at college, but it was nice to be able to invite friends over for a late night study session that was some place other than a dorm or the library. Sasha's parents' house allowed the group a nice mix of quiet and privacy, but none of them could've suspected the disruptive nature of Sasha's younger brother, Daniel, and his friends. They were upstairs chanting a strange ritual while the college aged girls were downstairs studying when a light shot between the two floors. The girls suddenly found themselves upstairs in the bodies of Daniel and his friends, and the boys were downstairs in the sexy bodies of Sasha and her classmates.


  1. Hmmm, one of your best captions ever! :) Thanks.

  2. LOL! very sexy set of girls, but it doesn't look much like a study group. I wondr if they will be able to swap back?

    Anoher pla to finish some of your series captions! LIke the football player & the Japanese girl, two weekss, & the one with the CEO & assistant

  3. I loved it, should do more captions of sports, especially female to male, and if I may suggest something, I'd like to see some captions where the main theme is enjoy or suffer as women trapped in the bodies of the jocks, only to give an example: What would a girl's body camo star quarterback? or What would a woman in the body of a bodybuilder? What would a little girl in the body of a giant man basketball player?