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Monday, September 13, 2010

Game day

As quarterback of his college football team, Troy was being scouted by several NFL teams, and the game on Saturday was going to be the final time to shine. Of course, a wrench would be thrown into the works one Friday after Maxine, his girlfriend, brought a strange box that she bought at a yard sale. Inside was a strange piece of jewelry with a note explaining that this item was the Medallion of Zulu that could swap two people's bodies, and that they it would be twelve hours before they could swap back. Maxine begged Troy to try it out with her, eager to feel what it was like to be in Troy's strong body and wield his muscles and 10 inch penis. He reluctantly agreed on the condidition that they swap back immediately after 12 hours, as he had a game to play the next day. However, when Troy arrived at the field with his helmet ready to play on Saturday, Maxine had a horror to confess; she had lost the medallion!

1 comment:

  1. great work! I would like to know who made maxine in those twelve hours, and what happened afterwards, I hope you show more jobs like this, especially I like the body swap female to male, with stories of sports, so I hope you continue and see more, good job