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Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday (Part 1)

While some people get some strange presents for their birthdays, few could match the one Matt received on his 18th. He obtained the gift to swap bodies; the only problem was that he had no control over when it would happen or who he swapped bodies with. The first person he ended up switching with was his twin sister. Of course, neither yet knew why they swapped bodies. Matt could only sit on his sister's window sill to lament the fact that he was now in the body of his own sister! Something about that seemed very wrong, and he was not looking forward to the growing pressure building inside his bladder.


  1. Ooh yes, very nice caption. I love random body swaps. Can't wait for Part 2 :D Thank you!!

  2. Loved it! Can't wait for part 2! Hope he stays in this body for a little while. ;)

  3. I'd have put on some of her lingerie and bent over, looking over my shoulder in front of a mirror :)