Saturday, February 2, 2013


When Duncan’s parents had been told their son had been involved in an accident at college, they were worried. They were told he was okay but “different.” They waited to see what that meant. Their hearts beat faster when his car pulled up, but were shocked when a woman got out. He had been involved in a brain swapping accident, but it wasn’t his new body that shocked them; it was how well he seemed to have adapted to the fact that he was now their daughter.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The pain (Part 2)

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As the pain slowly faded, Patrick’s senses started feeling something else: confusion. His whole body felt different, and he was sure his eyes were playing tricks on him.From his perspective, his body now seemed a lot curvier, and he was sure he hadn’t been wearing bright red pants a few minutes ago! His skin even felt softer to the touch, and his nose now smelt perfume. His first instinct was an insistence on delusion.

Time running out

Mitchell was on an undercover mission, but his time was running out. His disguise would only last for another hour or so. In that time, he needed to seduce the enemy, steal the codes, and get back to base. His quickly reapplied the lipstick to his borrowed body. If he didn’t get back in time, he’d be stuck in this body and never go back to his own.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Walter Reilly couldn’t believe he was at a minimum wage job making smoothies; he was one of the richest men in America, for Pete’s sake! Of course, that was before the Great Shift, which switched the bodies just about everyone worldwide. Walter was no exception when he found himself in the body of a waitress. His assets were frozen until he could prove he was who he claimed to be. Until then, he had to make a living somehow! He couldn’t wait for his lawyer to get him out of this mess. Despite the smile the manager insisted on, Walter was quite miserable on the inside.

Walking (Part 1)

Once the flash of light hit him, Kris noticed the changes immediately. It felt like his body was encased in rubber--but the fetish-style clothes were of little concern compared to the shapely body under them. There had to be a logical explanation for it all. People just didn’t randomly end up with a new body for no reason. He concluded that he might not be the only one, and decided if he wasn’t, there might be some sort of report on the television, internet, or radio. He needed to get up and find something, but he soon realized that with his new heels it might be difficult. He thought about taking them off, but he didn’t want to waste any time. He also figured he’d adjust to them soon enough. Women walked in these things all the time. He thought about that for a moment. He was a woman now; he’d probably have to deal with many more womenly things besides walking in heels.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do not touch the dancers (Part 1)

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Ray had always been faithful to his wife. He had loved her tremendously, but with the divorce papers now signed, he accepted the fact it was over. In his sad state, he drove out to the local strip club, a place he had never set a foot inside of previously. After a few drinks, he decided money was no object and paid to have a private dance in one of the curtained off rooms.A large sign said “Do Not Touch the Dancers,” but Ray asked if he could pay just a little more for an exception to the rule. The dancer hesitated. Ray was offering her a lot of money, but the owners had insisted the rule was firm. After a bit of negotiating, she agreed to let Ray touch her ass. He placed both palms firmly on her cheeks and started to feel strange. The woman disappeared from his sight, he was alone in the room, and it seemed his arms were now reaching behind him with his hands on his own butt. Except it wasn’t his butt. It was too soft and smooth. It was wrong; it was all wrong. A mirrored wall to his left revealed what had happened: he was now inside of the dancer’s body! He was now her!

Vertigo (Part 5)

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Carson felt even stranger when he tried to stand. His knees buckled as he tried to adjust to standing in heels. He felt the long hair on his neck and shoulders, and he tried to push it back. But it kept falling in his face and eyes as well. He tried to stand up straight in an attempt to ensure his hair stayed back and in hopes of securing his balance. Being a woman was going to take a lot of work...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Broken rules (Part 1)

What the heck had just happened. Brian felt like someone had just put his brain in a blender. He put his hand to his head to try and deal with the pain, but he soon noticed something -- himself! Right beside him was his own body, and he was now, oh God, he was now a woman! He was trying to place some sort of logic or reason to being in a new body all of a sudden, but it broke any sort of rules of current scientific knowledge.

Squeal (Part 1)

When the white light consumed him, Brett couldn’t help but scream. But those screams soon turned to squeals once he realized what the light had done to him. It had deposited him into a new body--a sexy, female body. He looked down at his new frame and he was no longer shouting in fear, but exclaiming with excitement. His new body was beautiful. Then he noticed his surroundings. He was in a store. And no only that, he seemed to be alone in this store. It was like a dream come true.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wife's life

Marc had gotten into an argument with his wife last night. It was about his long nights at the office and her responsibilities at home. She said he just didn’t understand her daily routine was; he laughed and asked how hard staying at home all day could be. They went to bed angry, but Marc woke up shocked the next morning to find himself in his wife’s body! If she was now in his body, she was certainly pulling off an amazing acting job before heading out to his office. This left Marc in the house with his wife’s body to make breakfast for the kids and get them off to school. When all that was done, he took care of chores. He fumbled with putting things from the store into the trunk of the car. As he finished the shopping, his youngest child needed to be picked up from kindergarten. 2PM rolled around, and he hadn’t even had time for lunch yet! One thing was for sure, his wife’s life certainly wasn’t easy!

Zen (Part 6)

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While leaning forward felt strange, arching backwards felt even weirder! As the moves got more advanced, Nick was more and more surprised by how he could contort Moon’s body and he became more and more aware of the feminine aspects of his new body. However, the most amazing feeling of all was that Nick actually felt at peace with it. He was actually enjoying being inside of Moon’s body. It suddenly all felt...right. It was like how things should be.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Medallion of Zulu 2 (Part 2)

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Creating a second Medallion of Zulu had taken a lot out of Jackson. Magic was exhausting! He squatted down for a moment to try to gather himself. His next step was planning anyway. Who could he use to test this medallion with? He had been pretty asocial since finding himself trapped in Lara’s body, so he didn’t really have any close friends to trust. Then it dawned on him. There was this guy at work named James, who would always ask Jackson out on dates. He could finally agree, trick him to swap for a bit (just to see if the new medallion worked), and then go about finding his original body. It was a perfect plan.