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Saturday, July 6, 2024

A Whole New Level of Crazy

The trailer park where I lived was probably a living stereotype of the types of people you’d expect to meet in a trailer park. My neighbor would often sit outside on a weathered couch drinking a beer. He’d usually bring out a portable TV to watch conservative news shows for the seemingly sole purpose of having something he could be outraged about while watching.

After the Great Shift, I thought he’d find some sort of new understanding now that he was in the body of a Black woman, but he was still the same asshole he always was brought to a whole new level of crazy.

“The Great Shift was a damned hoax,” I heard him shouting one day, “It’s just some sort of deep state psy-op causing you THINK you’re someone else so they can push their woke diversity agenda.”

I heard glass smash. I wasn’t sure if he dropped his beer or threw it. “Tr*mp’s gonna fix it all! We’ll wake up on January 21st and be back in our bodies, because it’s all a lie. I’m not a woman! I’m not!”

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