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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Playing Death

The withered skeleton known as Death looked down at the board. It was the first time he had lost a game in over a hundred years, and the first time ever he had lost two. Losing the first game meant that Death would have to grant this man’s life back. Of course, after the second game, calling him a “man” no longer seemed fitting, as he gained the ability to come back to life in perfect health as any recently deceased person. Death was surprised by the man’s selection of an attractive female.

But now the third game was on the line, and Death knew he couldn’t lose. The man was asking to stay alive forever, and Death knew the man had miscalculated. Being alive forever was not the same thing as staying young forever. The man’s newfound beauty would fade, and his body would still inevitably decay. It was the same deal Death had negotiated back when he was a mortal.

If this man won, Death knew it was only a matter of time until he’d have a replacement. He even thought about throwing the match to guarantee it, but it just wasn’t in Death’s nature. No, he knew he was going to try to win, but he was sincerely hoping he wouldn’t.

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