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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


TG Transformation
Daniel had been thankful he was able to capture the snake on his expedition. After all, it was this snake’s venom that changed his gender, transforming him into a woman. He didn’t have the proper equipment in the jungle to further his research for an anti-venom, so he knew he needed to bring it back to his lab in the states. Getting the snake through customs was difficult, and it was just as tough to get himself through the airport. His ID obviously no longer matched what he looked like. It had been months of paperwork and red tape, but he was finally able to start work. It would be many more months before he would figure out a way to reverse the snake’s effects. By that time, Daniel will have realized he enjoys being a woman and will choose not to turn back into a man. But, of course, the gender-changing venom still would have plenty of commercial purposes.


  1. Clever, funny & original. Super use of pikc. Intersting after he got use to his nwew body he liked it. I just bet SHE made a fortune with the new Venom

  2. Awesome turn of events!

  3. Wonder who the model is or if there is more

  4. Cara Delevingne. She is fantastic!