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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brain Sucking Aliens!

When Jacob's parents returned from the parent-teacher conference they found the babysitter, Jill, home alone without their son. They demanded an explanation as to what happened to their child.
Jill started to tell a weird tale, "Come on, it IS me! It's Jacob! You see these aliens came down and took us on this ship. They sucked out my brain." He demonstrated with his hands. "Then it was just like really dark and scary for a while. Okay? Then they put my brain in Jill's body and plopped me back here! I dunno what they did with her! But its okay, she was all mean and stuff!"
Jacob's parents though that he must've put Jill up to this; the tale was just like something Jacob would use as an excuse. But they expected that kind of lying from a 6-year-old boy, but this girl was a grown woman, a college student at the local University. How could Jacob talk her into playing such a juvenile game. Little did they know, it was actually the truth.

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